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My photography focuses primarily on exploring the built form. This subject matter is closely aligned with my education and professional experience in the practice of architecture. Over the years, I have found that the two disciplines mutually benefit from a greater sensitivity to the other - through a better understanding of the phenomena of light, materiality and form.

Currently, I divide my interest equally between the practice of architecture and architectural photography. I believe it is this unique experience and perspective that has allowed my photography to gain respect through word of mouth amongst numerous talented architects in Arizona and beyond. These talented architectural firms have sought photography that better reflected the intention of their design and captured the intrinsic beauty of their creation in its unique context. It continues to be humbling that my photography has become a primary art for creating a legacy of these works.

My photographic training began in 1989 when an early interest in the field landed me apprenticeships with two renowned photographers in the Detroit, MI area. Technically, this early training in large format photography provided a solid foundation for the creative possibilities of what is now a digital practice. Artistically, my mentors’ affiliations with Cranbrook Academy of Art and focus on photographing the mid-century work of Eero Saarinen inspired my interests in both the practice of architecture and in capturing the beauty of it as a subject matter. In addition to commissioned work, I continue to pursue my own personal fine art exploration using the photographic medium.